Drift Happens

February 20, 2022


Child Dedications

The partnership between parents and the Church is vital to families! A few times each year we encourage our families with younger children to commit to this partnership publicly through a special child dedication service. Our next child dedication service will take place later in the month of March. If you would like more information, mark the Child Dedications box on your Connection Card.

MyOneLife - A 4-Week Small Group Experience
If you’d like to learn more about the history, vision & values of our church, discover your personal mission and spiritual gifts, and have opportunities to get involved - then MyOneLife is your next step! MyOneLife is a 4-week small group experience that takes place on Sunday mornings during the 10:45am service in the Meeting Room at each of our campuses. For dates & other information click here.

OneLife Students

OneLife Students meets on Wednesday nights from 6:30 to 8 at our North and East Campuses. If you are in middle or high school and you haven’t gotten connected there is no better time than now! For more information about OneLife Students, go to onelifeknox.com/students.

Join a Volunteer Team

Did you know it takes over a hundred volunteers every week to make a service at OneLife happen at our campuses? So if you haven’t started volunteering, then it’s time to get on the team! From First Impressions & Security, to Kid City, to Production & Worship, to OneLife Students, weekday teams, and more - there’s plenty of opportunities for everyone to serve. Click here to get started!



Give Jesus your best! Make a one-time tithe or offering or to set up a recurring tithe or offering: Click Here To Give Online.



Mission drift happens to everyone.

John 20:22 NLT
22 Then he breathed on them and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit.

John 3:8NLT
8 The wind blows wherever it wants. Just as you can hear the wind but can’t tell where it comes from or where it is going, so you can’t explain how people are born of the Spirit.”

1. Find where the wind is blowing and go that way.

John 3:16 NLT

16 “For this is how God loved the world: He gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.

2. You have influence somewhere. The Father has lifted you up so you can make a Kingdom impact.

3. Do you really expect the Spirit to move each day in your life?

John 3:16 NLT
16 “For this is how God loved the world: He gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.



Be sure to fill out the online Connection Card to let us know next steps, prayer requests, or other information you'd like to share, Click Here.



Share spiritual/missional conversations you've had where you live, work, and play:

  • Who did you have a conversation with that took a spiritual/missional turn this week?
  • What questions did you ask to discover where God is at work in their life, even if they are not aware?
  • How were you able to share your story of life change or how you have experienced Jesus?
  • How can you be intentional this week with people where you live, work, and play to have spiritual/missional conversations if the opportunity arises?
  • Who in your life do you think could be discipleable or open to spiritual/missional conversations?

Discuss the next step for your micro church. When will we gather again, and which purpose will it fulfill (missions, fellowship/care, growth, worship, multiplication)? 


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