Pastoral & Executive Staff

Rodney Arnold

Lead Pastor

Rodney is the founding and lead pastor of OneLife Church and serves as a member of OneLife's Ministry Leadership Team. Rodney has a passion for teaching, church planting, and helping people discover Jesus and how their one life can make a difference. He and his wife Harrison have been married since 2008. They have 3 children: Mariclaire, Aaron, and Charlotte.

Tyler Goode

East Campus Pastor / Executive Pastor

Tyler is one of OneLife's other founding staff members and member of OneLife's Ministry Leadership Team. After initially serving as Creative Director in 2009, he has since taken on the roles of OneLife's North Campus Pastor and Multisite Director before being named East Campus Pastor & Executive Pastor in 2023. Tyler and his wife Lisa have been married since 2011 and have 2 twin boys: Clark & Jordan.

Jamie Ross

Executive Administrator / Care Director

Jamie provides leadership to each campus in overseeing our administrative needs (financial, human resources, facilities, etc.) while also overseeing care needs from a central perspective to assist each campus. Additionally, Jamie serves as one of the members of OneLife's Ministry Leadership Team.

Frankie Powers

Executive Assistant

Frankie serves as an assistant to OneLife's Executive and Pastoral team, working virtually from Ludowici, GA where her husband Byron is also a pastor. Frankie oversees and assists with much of OneLife's administrative work, manages our phone system, and many of the other day-to-day operations.

Krystal Hollifield

North Campus Director

Krystal oversees all of our North campus staff, connections, and day-to-day operations at the campus. She is also a rockstar in championing our disciple-making culture and does a fantastic job leading and multiplying that culture at our North campus. She's married to her husband Jordan and they have 3 kids: Addison, Parker & Brett.

Family Ministry Staff

Matt Bradley

Family Ministry Director / North Student Director

Matt oversees all of our family ministries - birth through high school. He also serves as our student director at the North campus on Wednesday nights. Matt pours his life into the development of these kids and students and is passionate about seeing them become men and women who love Jesus! Matt also serves on OneLife's Ministry Leadership Team.

Natalie Lethgo

East Campus Family Ministry Director / Central Family Ministry Assistant

Natalie oversees Kid City & OneLife Students at our East Campus, helping kids and students of all ages - birth through high school - to discover Jesus and how their one life can make a difference! She has a passion for the next generation and does a fantastic job relating to kids & students on their level. Natalie also helps to resources our campuses as a central family ministry assistant.

Kristen Weigel

North Campus Preschool Director

Kristen leads the preschool ministry at OneLife's North campus. From birth until they move up to Kindergarten, she helps kids experience Jesus at an early age. Kristen also does an amazing job partnering with parents for all the early milestones in their children's lives.

Khaley Boyd

North Campus  Elementary Director

From Kindergarten until they graduate from 5th grade, Khaley has the awesome task of helping elementary students discover Jesus and how their one life can make a difference where they live, learn, and play. With several elementary kids of her own, Khaley is amazing at connecting with kids on their level and partnering with parents to do the same.

Worship Staff

Aaron Porter

Music Director

Aaron has been playing music at OneLife for over a decade and has been an experienced musical talent for even longer. He leads and develops the worship teams at our campuses, plans services, he's a songwriter, and much more. Aaron is passionate about creating worship experiences that help people experience Jesus.

That's it? Nope, not at all!

In addition to OneLife's staff, we have an incredible team of volunteer leaders that make the ministries of our church possible. We couldn't do it without them!

Kole Sievert

North Campus Worship Leader

Lauren White-Harris

North Campus Production Director

Rachel McGee

North Campus Preschool Coach

Katie Wagner

North Campus Security Team Leader

Will Tapper

Video Editor

Jonny Arterburn

North Campus Parking Team Leader

Josie Edwards-Click

North Campus Worship Leader

Amy Smith

North Campus Lobby Team Leader

Nichole Inman

East Campus First Impressions Director

Gary Truong

East Campus Producer

Luke Ladd

East Campus Elementary Coach

Adam McGee

North Campus Elementary Coach

Austin Inman

East Campus Worship Leader