Two Types of Beliefs

OneLife exists to see people discover Jesus and how their one life can make a difference. This is the vision God has given us and the mission we are on. This is also what we fix the majority of our focus on and what we rally our church around - not our beliefs but our mission.

Because of that, there are two types of beliefs we hold: open handed and closed handed.

Closed Handed
Closed handed beliefs are ones that are essential to our mission: Jesus is the only way to the Father. The Bible is the perfect, timeless word of God. The existence of the trinity. The condition of sin. These are beliefs that we will not debate.

Open Handed
There are other beliefs that people and churches have been debating for centuries and longer. What does the bible say about alcohol? What is the proper order of the end times? Etc. For us, these are considered open handed beliefs. We can believe something different about these things but still be on mission together.

Want to learn more?

All of these beliefs are discussed in our 4-week experience called My OneLife. In this introduction to our church, you'll learn everything from our vision, mission & values to discovering your gifts & talents, to next steps you can take – My OneLife is THE next step for anyone new to our church.