What is a Micro Church?

We love gathering "large" on Sunday mornings at our campuses. But where the mission and core purposes of our church are really lived out is through our Micro Churches - where we gather "small." Micro Churches are gatherings of 10-15 people that meet regularly in homes throughout our city.

Our Micro Churches help each member to pursue the four core purposes of our church - Experience Jesus, Give Jesus My Best, Don't Do Life Alone, and Multiply Like Jesus.

Because of that, Micro Churches do life together on a regular basis and do things like: Having fun & sharing meals together. Group discussion about the Sunday sermons. Adopting mission opportunities and serving out in the community. Worshiping at their campuses or in homes together. Challenging each other to better live on mission and sharing their faith where they live, work & play.

Ultimately, our vision is to see so many people connected to Micro Churches that Sunday mornings end up being simply a collection of Micro Churches gathering to worship Jesus and celebrate all that God is doing through them!

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