Joining OneLife Church

OneLife Church is not an hour on Sundays. It is not a building or simply a non-profit organization. OneLife Church is a group of Christ followers committed to each other and a shared mission of seeing people discover Jesus and how their one life can make a difference where they live, work, and play. Identifying the members of OneLife Church means identifying those who are already on mission and already committed to each other.

How it works...
OneLife's members are identified once each year, for a period of one year, based on the four core purposes of the church. Those who have shown active and consistent participation and commitment to these missional steps, in addition to the other basic qualifications outlined in our bylaws, will be invited to join with each other as the members of OneLife Church for the following year. This process repeats every year as a way for us all to continually evaluate ourselves and challenge each other to pursue our commitment to each other and our shared mission to multiply disciples.

If you would like to be considered for membership, fill out the self-assessment form above.

Sermons on Membership

Check out the following 2 sermons from Pastor Rodney on our membership process at OneLife.

Our Four Core Purposes

Experience Jesus
I experience Jesus when I give him my life and make that public through baptism and then spend private time worshipping and growing in my faith . We experience Jesus together when we gather to worship and function as the body of Christ in micro churches and when our micro churches worship together on Sunday mornings.
Give Jesus My Best
I give Jesus the best of my time, talents, and treasure each day wherever I live, work, and play. Because the church is the body of Christ, we come together to give Jesus the best of our time and talents  by serving the body and the best of our treasure by giving our tithes and offerings.
Don't Do Life Alone
I don't do life alone when I experience shared commitment to and shared mission with  other Christ followers. We don't do alone together when we commit to a micro church where the true mission and purposes of the church take place and both challenge and equip us to live our lives on mission.
Multiply Like Jesus
I multiply like Jesus when I share my faith story and multiply my faith and make disciples wherever I live, work, and play. We multiply like Jesus when we send out these new disciples to form new micro churches, church plants, and campuses where the multiplication cycle can continue.

OneLife Church's Bylaws

Our bylaws outline the basic guiding principles for how OneLife Church will remain accountable and remain on mission.