The Big Give: Part 1 - Big Give
December 4th, 2022
Christmas proves that hope springs eternal....  Read More
Never Alone: Part 4 - Time to Act
November 27th, 2022
When I really believe God is with me, I won't just say it I will do it....  Read More
Never Alone: Part 3 - Navigating Loneliness
November 20th, 2022
Feeling loneliness happens. Navigating loneliness overcomes....  Read More
Never Alone: Part 2 - Behind the Scenes
November 13th, 2022
Behind the scenes of loneliness is a far different reality. ...  Read More
Never Alone: Part 1 - Never Been Here Before
November 6th, 2022
God has already been where I've never been before....  Read More
Rebuilding Hope: Part 9 - The Failure
October 30th, 2022
Success without faithfulness leads to failure....  Read More
Rebuilding Hope: Part 8 - The Dedication
October 23rd, 2022
Dedication is the difference....  Read More
Rebuilding Hope: Part 7 - The Confession
October 16th, 2022
Confession is the beginning of rebuilding hope....  Read More
Rebuilding Hope: Part 6 - The Covenant
October 9th, 2022
God has given me a fixed point to know exactly where I am....  Read More
Rebuilding Hope: Part 5 - The Adversary
October 2nd, 2022
Persistence is the key to resisting the schemes of the enemy....  Read More
Rebuilding Hope: Part 4 - The Poor
September 25th, 2022
How I respond to needs around me reveals what I really believe about God....  Read More
Rebuilding Hope: Part 3 - The Opposition
September 18th, 2022
Opposition is an opportunity....  Read More


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