Unlikely Disciples: Part 6 - Owning It
May 22nd, 2022
Owning my faith is the difference between dead faith and powerful faith....  Read More
Unlikely Disciples: Part 5 - Counterintuitive
May 15th, 2022
When I need what I've never had before, God will do what He's never done before....  Read More
Unlikely Disciples: Part 4 - Life Lessons From a Mom
May 8th, 2022
When the struggle is real, remember that the struggle is worth it....  Read More
Unlikely Disciples: Part 3 - Storm Story
May 1st, 2022
Storms reveal the direction of my faith....  Read More
Unlikely Disciples: Part 2 - Baby Steps
April 23rd, 2022
Religious thinking expects big steps. Jesus thinking takes baby steps....  Read More
Unlikely Disciples: Part 1 - Fear and Failure
April 17th, 2022
Fear is a liar and failure is the lie....  Read More
Friend of Sinners: Part 3 - Unexpected
April 10th, 2022
The greatest opportunities are often overlooked....  Read More
Friend of Sinners: Part 2 - Relationship
April 3rd, 2022
A friend of sinners meets people where they are, not where we think they should be....  Read More
Friend of Sinners: Part 1 - Reputation
March 27th, 2022
My reputation of who I'm drawn to and who is drawn to me is measured by my Father....  Read More
Not Today, Satan: Part 4 - Listening
March 20th, 2022
What is a voice or a sound that you have learned to hear even if other people can't hear it, and when have you been able to that above the noise of the crowd or when you really needed to hear it? How ...  Read More
Not Today, Satan: Part 3- Mindset
March 13th, 2022
When have you had been so invested in something that it became what drove your priorities, thoughts, plans, free time, conversations, etc.? What led you to go all-in on whatever that was? (i.e. the bo...  Read More
Not Today, Satan: Part 2: The Unseen
March 6th, 2022
When have you experienced something or been part of something where what couldn't be seen was bigger than what could be seen? Maybe it was a problem you had to solve, or an event or organization you w...  Read More


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