Living In The Lion's Den: Part 2 - Supernatural
September 24th, 2023
Supernatural living in a natural world makes supernatural impact....  Read More
Living In The Lion's Den: Part 1 - Identity Theft
September 17th, 2023
Guarding my heart will guard my identity....  Read More
Buzzwords: Part 10 - Hope
September 10th, 2023
Hope: Confident expectation....  Read More
Buzzwords: Part 9 - Joy
September 3rd, 2023
Joy: Inner contentment and satisfaction. Add your private notes...• • •...  Read More
Buzzwords: Part 8 - Hallelujah
August 27th, 2023
MICRO CHURCH GUIDEAugust 27, 2023Sermon Page YouVersion_____________________ANNOUNCEMENTSMyOneLife - A 4-Week Sunday Morning Small Group ExperienceThe first step for every OneLifer to get involved and...  Read More
Buzzwords: Part 7 - Holy
August 20th, 2023
Holy: To be separated or cut off, separated as pure for a good purpose....  Read More
Buzzwords: Part 6 - Amen
August 13th, 2023
MICRO CHURCH GUIDEAugust 13, 2023YouVersionSermon Page _____________________ANNOUNCEMENTSMicro Church Launch, August 20On Sunday night, August 20 at 6pm at our North & East campuses, all of our existi...  Read More
Next Gen Sunday: Focus on the Now
August 6th, 2023
The next generation is the now generation. ...  Read More
Buzzwords: Part 5 - Believe
July 30th, 2023
Believe/Faith: To place confidence in. To entrust....  Read More
Buzzwords: Part 4 - Worship
July 23rd, 2023
Worship: To honor as the thing of highest importance and act accordingly. To prize above everything else....  Read More
Buzzwords: Part 3 - Ticket to Heaven
July 16th, 2023
MICRO CHURCH GUIDEJuly 16, 2023YouVersionSermon Page _____________________ANNOUNCEMENTSNext Sunday in Kid City - Mascot CampWho knew there was such a thing as mascot camp!? Well we’re going! Come hang...  Read More
Buzzwords: Part 2 - Grace
July 9th, 2023
MICRO CHURCH GUIDEJuly 9, 2023YouVersionSermon Page_____________________ANNOUNCEMENTSNext Sunday in Kid City - Mascot CampWho knew there was such a thing as mascot camp!? Well we’re going! Come hang o...  Read More


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