Defeating Division: Part 5 - Extreme Unity

November 28, 2021


Jingle Jam, November 28 & December 5

Jingle Jam is a Christmas Party big enough for the whole family! It’s an interactive Christmas presentation for kids and parents that’s full of exciting music, fun characters, and a unique perspective of Christmas like you’ve never experienced! Join us at 6pm on November 28 at our North campus and on December 5 at our East campus for this exciting night. And be sure to invite another family to join you. We can’t wait to see you there!

Christmas Parades are Coming!

This year, OneLife will be in the Powell and Downtown Knoxville Christmas parades. It’s a great way to represent our church out in the community, plus, it’s a lot of fun! Here’s how to get involved: #1 - Parade float construction and decorating. Whether you’re a handyman, crafty decorator, or just want to hang out and get to know people, you’ll love helping out! #2 - Walk in the parades. Come represent our church, help pass out candy, and hand out invite cards to our Christmas services. Sign-ups are available at

Volunteer Christmas Banquet

If you serve on a OneLife volunteer team, then we can’t wait to see Sunday night, December 12 at 6pm for our annual Volunteer Christmas Banquet. Our campuses are joining together at the Jubilee Banquet Facility on Callahan Road for one GIANT red carpet celebration. It’s going to be a blast! Visit to RSVP or talk to your team leader for more details. If you’re not a part of a volunteer team, this is a great time to get involved. Mark the volunteering box on your Connection Card!

If you’ve given your life to Jesus but haven’t gone public with your story through baptism then it’s time to take that step! Go to and we’ll help you get started.


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Romans 12:18 NIV
18 If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.

Forgiveness reverses the widening division.

Matthew 5:21-22 NLT
21 “You have heard that our ancestors were told, ‘You must not murder. If you commit murder, you are subject to judgment.’#5:21 Exod 20:13; Deut 5:17. 22 But I say, if you are even angry with someone,#5:22a Some manuscripts add without cause. you are subject to judgment! If you call someone an idiot,#5:22b Greek uses an Aramaic term of contempt: If you say to your brother, ‘Raca.’ you are in danger of being brought before the court. And if you curse someone,#5:22c Greek if you say, ‘You fool.’ you are in danger of the fires of hell.#5:22d Greek Gehenna; also in 5:29, 30.

1. The heart of the matter is what matters.

Forgiveness is letting go of the desire to get even.

Genesis 9:6 NLT
6 If anyone takes a human life, that person’s life will also be taken by human hands. For God made human beings in his own image.

2. Acknowledging who they are over what they've done corrects my perspective.

Matthew 5:23-24 NLT
23 “So if you are presenting a sacrifice#5:23 Greek gift; also in 5:24. at the altar in the Temple and you suddenly remember that someone has something against you, 24 leave your sacrifice there at the altar. Go and be reconciled to that person. Then come and offer your sacrifice to God.

3. Reconciliation not retaliation is the heart of God.

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Share spiritual/missional conversations you've had where you live, work, and play:

Who did you have a conversation with that took a spiritual/missional turn this week?
What questions did you ask to discover where God is at work in their life, even if they are not aware?
How were you able to share your story of life change or how you have experienced Jesus?
How can you be intentional this week with people where you live, work, and play to have spiritual/missional conversations if the opportunity arises?
Who in your life do you think could be discipleable or open to spiritual/missional conversations?


Discuss the next step for your micro church. When will we gather again, and which purpose will it fulfill (missions, fellowship/care, growth, worship, multiplication)?


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