Welcome to OneLife's Volunteer Orientation

We’re excited to get you on a OneLife volunteer team! There are a ton of areas where you can serve at OneLife. So, we want you to get a glimpse of all those areas as well as learn a little more about our volunteer culture and what it’s like to serve. Then, you can select the area you like the most and take it for a “Test Drive” to try it out. There are 3 easy steps to get started: 1) Watch the video from Pastor Rodney. 2) Read through the document about our volunteer culture. 3) Fill out the Test Drive online form.

If you have any questions, contact your Campus Pastor or MyOneLife leader. Let’s get started!

Step 1

Watch this short, 7 minute orientation video from Pastor Rodney:

Step 2

Read through the following document about our Volunteer Culture:

Step 3

Fill out the Test Drive Online Form:

What's Next?

After you watch the orientation video, read about our volunteer culture, and fill out the form, then you will be contacted by the volunteer coordinator for the area you selected as well as the team leader for the team you selected. They will set up what we call a “first experience” – which is basically your orientation day on the first Sunday you serve. The volunteer coordinator will let you know the schedule for your first experience (each area & team is a little different), and will give you an orientation bag with your volunteer shirt and a few other items when you arrive that first Sunday.

After your first experience, you’ll continue to Test Drive your team for a few weeks and decide if that team is a good fit. If it’s not – no problem! Talk to the volunteer coordinator or your MyOneLife leader. But if it is a good fit – which in most cases it usually is – then you’re all set! And you get to be a part of making a difference through volunteering.

We’re excited you’re taking this next step. Welcome to the team!